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Algae & Weed Prevention in Lakes and Ponds

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How much Dyofix?

Which Dyofix product is right for my pond or lake?

For small lakes and garden ponds please choose from our domestic applications range of algae and weed prevention.

View of Dyofix blue in a commercial lake

Pond Blue

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Pond Blue is the original product offered for use in large lakes. It is the most popular and economical product available. As with all Dyofix products, Pond Blue is completely safe for fish and other wildlife.

Available in two strengths, it is supplied in a concentrated liquid version, and as a powder in water soluble sachets.

View of Dyofix lake shadow in a commercial lake

Lake Shadow

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SGP Shadow has proved very popular with gardeners that want to treat their water with an algae prevention product, without the tint of blue.

Our Shadow blend reflects the primary colours (in equal amounts) and appears to the naked eye as being colourless because it allows some of the visible light to penetrate the water. In reality, if treated water was compared to clear water, a very faint tint of grey would be observed.

View of Dyofix C special in a commercial lake

C Special

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C Special is the latest addition to the DyoFix range. It was developed during trials to see if the invasive species Crassula Helmsii could be controlled using dyes. The trials are ongoing and early indications are that the use of dye in water is proving to be the best method of all the others tried so far.

C Special has also been used to slow down or halt the growth of Chara, an algae that has the appearance of a weed. Crassula and Chara, both of them having the initial C, are responsible for the name of the product.