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Algae & Weed Prevention in Garden Ponds

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Image showing the use of black dye in a ornamental pond

DyoFix Pond Black

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Pond Black was featured in the BBC program, 'A Year at Kew'. It has been used every year since the 90s in their lily pond. Pond Black also creates a stunning reflective surface to show off the plants at their best.

This is the ideal choice for the small garden enthusiast. After application, the water is coloured making it almost impossible to see below the surface meaning that any unsightly pipework and/or repairs are hidden from view.

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SGP Blue

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Applying SGP Blue (a safe blue food dye) to your pond or lake water will disrupt the process of photosynthesis.

The result will be little or no further growth by submerged plants. Applied at the recommended rate pond water will have a very faint, almost imperceptible, tint of blue to the naked eye.

Image showing a garden pond after an application of SGP Shadow

SGP Shadow

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SGP Shadow has proved very popular with gardeners that want to treat their water with an algae prevention product, without the tint of blue.

Our Shadow blend reflects the primary colours (in equal amounts) and appears to the naked eye as being colourless because it allows some of the visible light to penetrate the water. In reality, if treated water was compared to clear water, a very faint tint of grey would be observed.