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Just to say a BIG thank you!!

I ordered the dye when in despair as to what to do with a large pond covered in blanket weed, and only a couple of months to go before a big event in the field where the pond is a big feature.

5 weeks GONE!! Clear, looking great. Wow so impressed!

Helen Jones

P.S. My father, who was very sceptical, has just taken some to try in their pond.

Amusing letter of thanks

Reproduced with kind permission.

Image of a vile smelling pond

Having moved into an old cottage a couple of years ago the time came to deal with the vile smelling 30m x 30m x 5m natural pond!

Said pond had just about every type of algae you could possibly imagine and as an added bonus had a faulty septic tank discharging untreated liquid into it for 5 years previously. It doesn't take much imagination to visualise this green, stinking nightmare.

Anyway, we replaced the septic tank, cleared the algae manually from a dinghy and then with great scepticism put the barley straw boom across the pond. Unbelievably 2 months later the pond was clear. The problem now was to keep it clear, enter Dyofix Pond Blue.

Having been around for several decades and bought umpteen products that promise the earth and deliver nothing I chucked the appropriate quantity of concentrate into the pond and looked forward to the return of the duckweed and algae. Guess what, this product really does work, the pond looks absolutely brilliant, clean, clear, slightly blue and has nothing growing on it apart from ducks and moorhens!

Fantastic product would seriously recommend it and will be purchasing some more shortly. Just as an added bonus the staff are friendly and helpful, another rarity these days.

A blue labrador

The only drawback and this was my fault, was not keeping the dog out of the way when dispensing the concentrate and so had a slightly blue Labrador for a couple of days until we took him to the seaside!

In sixty years I have never written this sort of letter to any company so you can see how pleased I am with the product.
Best regards, Chris Matthews

Designer's awards and customer testimonials

Latest news such as awards presented to garden designers that have used Dyofix and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Many customers have been very kind and have provided us with photographs of how Dyofix has improved the aesthetic appearance of their ponds... please view the picture gallery.

DyoFix Pond Black, Another Award Winner!

The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2017

Our Dyofix Pond Black was used to great effect in Award Winning Garden, Colour Boxes by Charlie Bloom & Simon Webster. View the gardens official page, including a 360 panoramic view by following the below link:

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - Colour Boxes

Watch the BBC feature below.

Watch a before and after video of the Dyofix Pond Black in action, while creating the garden.

Introducing Dyofix YouTube Channel

We have launched our dedicated YouTube Channel

Please view below Some introducing videos, where James gives a brief demonstration of our Dyofix SPG Blue liquid and a Dyofix sachet.

View our Youtube Channel.

Dyofix Pond Dye Featured On BBC Gardener's World On June 2nd, 2017

BBC's Nick Bailey Builds A Pond In A Weekend

The staff at Dyofix were nicely bowled over by the double Dyofix whammy when watching the June 2nd, 2017 episode of BBC Garderer's World.

We were waiting for our friend Arit Anderson to explain how her 2016 award-winning design 'Near Future Garden' was being recreated at the Eden Project in London (see below) when Nick Bailey begain showing the viewer how to make a garden pond. Towards the end of his segment he pulled on a pair of familiar-looking gloves and added Dyofix Pond Black.

Do watch the video as he explains why he used the pond colour so well! :-)

From Gold Medal Winner 2016 to Eden Project 2017

Arit Anderson's 'Near Future Garden'

Arit came to Dyofix in 2016 to help her create a 'crude oil pool' as the feature in her 'Near Future Garden'. Pond Black helped give the illusion of a crude oil whirlpool and the whole design won Arit a well-deserved Gold Medal.

The Eden Project in Cornwall invited Arit to reproduce her award-winning design in Cornwall, telling the story of the garden of the future. The garden was featured in the BBC's Gardener's World programme.

Gold Again for Waterside Nursery at Chelsea 2017

6 Gold Awards Using Dyofix

Gold Winner Chelsea 2017 Six Gold Medals on a shelf

Waterside Nursery's ever-winning spree continues at Chelsea with a beautiful, open, water garden; utilising Dyofix Pond Black again to add depth and reflection to the water garden.

Peter Watson emailed "congratulations on yet another gold at Chelsea."

The Coveted '5 Gold Star' Award for Ian Gill Sculpture's Trade Stand

Yet Another Gold at Chelsea with Dyofix!

Five Gold Star Trade Stand Winner Chelsea 2017

It took eight days and over 300 man hours before the award winning trade stand featuring amazing sculptures in and around a pond coloured with Dyofix Pond Black was ready for the public. The effort proved to be worth it after receiving the accolade of 'the big one'... a five gold star award.

Congratulation to the team at Ian Gill from all at Dyofix.

Kate Durr Wins 'Best Festival Garden' at RHS Malvern Spring Festival

'Constrained Nature' is a Winner!

We are thrilled that Kate Durr has not only managed to win a cherished Gold Medal at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival, but she also won the prestigious title of Best Festival Garden.

Along with Country house hotel Whatley Manor, Dyofix sponsored 'Constrained Nature' the garden, in support of Ucare, an Oxfordshire based cancer charity for urology research and awareness of urological cancers.

Congratulations also go to Emily Sharpe, Silver Gilt for her 'Beating the Blues' garden and to sisters, Caitlin and Tessa McLaughlin, for winning their Silver with The Genetic Conservation Garden.

We are very proud to have supplied DyoFix Pond Black to all the ladies above and hope to have more news about winning gardens following the flower shows at Hampton Court, Chelsea and others.

For further information visit the Royal Horticultural Society website to read more about Kate Durr's 'Constraining Nature'.

Dyofix supports Kate Durr's 'Constraining Nature'

RHS Malvern Spring Festival 7th to 10th May 2015

Along with Country house hotel Whatley Manor, Dyofix are sponsoring 'Constrained Nature'; The garden, designed and built by Kate Durr, is in support of Ucare, an Oxfordshire based cancer charity for urology research and awareness of urological cancers.

Only 7 weeks into her year long professional garden design diploma course, with The Cotswold Gardening School, Kate Durr won the opportunity of building a Festival Garden at RHS Malvern Spring Festival.

Kate's festival garden is an elegant garden full of sensual contrasts. The linear design, constrains the voluptuous planting. Dark, reflective water, created by the use of Dyofix, is dominated by a statuesque feature wall of steel panels, that capture the sinuous shape of the fern.

Kate, a TV presenter and married to actor Jason Durr, is a keen user of Twitter @katecharman and has been tweeting about using Dyofix in her garden design.

For further information visit the Royal Horticultural Society website to read more about Kate Durr's 'Constraining Nature'.

Featured on ITV's 'Love Your Garden' with Alan Titchmarsh

First shown on ITV on Tuesday 29th July 2014.

A garden for Joan

Using Dyofix Pond Black

Dyofix on ITV's Love Your Garden

Dyofix Pond Black was used in the water feature and contrasted beautifully with the brown buff linear paving used for the garden steps.

For further information about this episode visit the Love Your Garden website.

The Vogue Garden. RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2014

Winner of the Silver Gilt award.

The garden design resembles the a fashion show set, with a feature wall, dramatic pond lines with Dyofix black, a stage and a catwalk-style walkway in chic paving through the centre of the garden.

A Fashion Show Setting

Vogue Garden

The designer's passion for formal contemporary gardens, fashion and perfume has inspired this garden, along with the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli (who is probably most famous for his perfume range).

The design resembles the set of a fashion show, with a feature wall, a stage and a catwalk-style walkway in chic paving through the centre of the garden.

The planting scheme comprises elegant grasses with perennials threading through them underneath six semi-mature trees. The garden is an adult space for relaxing and unwinding and has minimal maintenance requirements; it is somewhere to gather one's thoughts with nothing more than the sound of tree canopies and grasses swaying in the breeze.

"You talk I'll listen" The Samaritans garden. Bloom 2014

Andrew Christopher Dunne sent a message after his garden design won the 2014 triple: Bloom Gold medallist, Best in Category and Designers Choice award.

"There was huge interest in Dyofix and I directed everyone to your website. Over 106,000 people saw the garden over the five days and we got gold, best in category and designers choice. Thanks again for your help."

Tranquil Space

Bloom Dublin

The Samaritan's garden is a tranquil, relaxing, social space designed to highlight the powerful effects of simply talking about your problems. The garden represents the room to breathe, slow down and think clearly, that talking to the Samaritans can offer. The garden combines soft woodland style planting with heavy industrial materials such as rusted steel and concrete. The industrial materials are reflective of the modern city scape of a post Celtic tiger era, which has left a scar on both a city (where the garden would be sited) and its inhabitants. However the planting, which represents the powerful effects of talking and listening, envelops these materials and softens them to heal the scars of modern Irish life.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

DyoFix Pond Colours were proud to support the Alistair Baldwin designed 'Welcome to Yorkshire' show garden. We are a family-owned Yorkshire business dating back to the 19th century currently supplying colour to over 100 countries and put our early success down to the wool processing industry that Yorkshire was famous for.

The silver medal winning garden highlights the Yorkshire landscape that the 2014 Tour de France Grand Départ 2014 will pass through in July. As a Yorkshire company we are thrilled to welcome the Tour de France to our proud county of Yorkshire.

Harrogate Spring Show 2014

We were thrilled to hear that Dyofix Pond Black has been used in two Gold Award winning gardens at the 2014 Harrogate Spring Show.

A sylvan pause: Designed by Matt Haddon Gardens

Shaded areas can be a challenge, but this section of a larger garden offers ideas for under-planting to provide year round interest. Vertical, permeable fencing snakes through the centre of the design to reflect the tree trunks, create two different areas for planting and provide fence-line seating. Planting on one side of the fence is predominantly blocks of ground cover interspersed with taller groupings, while its mirror image plays host to woodland grasses.

'Secret Garden': Designed by Northern School of Garden Design

Creating a sense of privacy in an overlooked garden is just one of the aims of this playful garden, which explores thresholds and framing as it passes from formal areas for entertaining into wilder forgotten corners. Divided by a water feature, the garden's planting style mixes the wild and forgotten with more formal, clipped hedges against a palette of green, white and blue with highlights of orange.

Waterside Nursery, Gold medalists - Chelsea Flower Show

The Waterside Nursery, Gold medalists - Chelsea Flower Show, used Dyofix Black.

Waterside Nursery completed a new design for their Chelsea exhibit.

The design included a large L-shaped pond planted with a range of flowering and foliage, marginal aquatic plants and various colours of waterlily, and makes use of the reflective nature of the water (using Dyofix Black).

It includes an area of moisture-loving plants that illustrates the link between water and its surroundings. The corners of the exhibit feature patio pond containers dressed with miniature water plants to illustrate how water can be added to the smallest of garden spaces.

Waterside Nursery, use Dyofix Pond Black as part of their winning combinations.

Dyofix and the Great Britain Olympic rowing squad

DyoFix Pond Blue is being used to control aquatic weeds in the Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake at Caversham Lakes

Dyofix is very proud to announce that their premier product, DyoFix Pond Blue is being used to control aquatic weeds in the Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake at Caversham Lakes, the training venue for the British Olympic rowing teams.

Dyofix Pond Blue inhibits the growth of algae and other weeds, which can interfere with rowing, and other outdoor lake sports.

Britain's finest Olympic athletes

Named after Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent, the rowing lake, near Reading, is providing training, medical and scientific facilities for the British teams, and for Oxford University in preparation for the Boat Race.

The lake is also available for crews from University College, Oxford to use, as well as rowing crews from Oxford Brookes University.

Our products are designed, tested, produced and shipped from the UK

Good luck to the British Olympic team

Everyone at Dyofix wish the British Olympic rowing teams great success this year. We will be cheering you on, every step of the way.

The World Vision Garden Gold Medal Winner

The World Vision Garden Gold Medal Winner, used Dyofix Black.

A West Yorkshire company is playing a key role in the creation of a garden for the World Vision charity at this year's Royal Horticultural Society Hampton Court Flower Show.

Dyofix Pond Black manufactured by Pudsey-based textile dye manufacturer Town End (Leeds) plc is being used to choke any unwelcome algae in the garden's large reflective pool and to create a black mirror image of the two grass domes which together represent the world's prosperous nations and the 'have nots'. Designed to reflect the charity's work enabling children to live life to the full in more than 100 countries worldwide, the vision of a unified world in perfect balance can only be viewed in the reflection created by Dyofix.

Comments John Warland of award-winning garden designer Flemons Warland Design.

"We chose Dyofix as the number one professional option for creating a slick reflective finish. Its environmental features make it the perfect fit for any RHS show, whilst delivering a stylish appearance."

This follows Dyofix Pond Black's success at last month's Chelsea Flower Show, where the product was used to create a light reflecting surface in a number of award-winning gardens, including the RHS People's Choice Award Winner, The Irish Sky Garden by Diarmuid Gavin.

Based on European Food Safety Approved organic food dyes, Dyofix is a non toxic environmental and wildlife friendly algae prevention and inhibitor which works by reflecting light away from the base of the pond, eliminating the life source of the nutrients present beneath the surface of the water and stopping the growth of submerged weeds and algae. Algae can be harmful to plants, fish and other wildlife and creates unsightly scum.

Says Peter Watson, production director at Town End.

"We are delighted to be able to donate to this worthwhile cause and to be the catalyst that brings the whole vision together in their large reflective pool. Based on organic food-standard dyes which have been tested to the highest levels, our range of products can be used in areas of water from the smallest of ornamental garden ponds and country estate lakes to commercial fishing lakes, municipal parks, golf and leisure clubs."

Established in the 19th century, Town End diversified into environmentally and wildlife friendly algae inhibitors for lakes and ponds five years ago and the product range sits alongside its core business of dyes for the textile trade.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Gold and Silver Medal winners use Dyofix

Gold Medal

Once again, DyoFix Pond Black has been used to great effect in quite a few of the gold medal winning gardens, including the most talked about garden ever built for The Chelsea Flower Show, The Irish Sky Garden by Diarmuid Gavin.

Diarmuid Gavin's garden design also won the prestigious RHS People's Choice Award.

Diarmuid Gavin and Dyofix

Gold and Silver Medal winners use Dyofix SPG Black.

Diarmuid Gavin and his team contacted us at the beginning of May to enquire if our product would create a reflecting surface and explore the possibility of getting DyoFix Pond Black delivered on time. We despatched a quantity on May 3rd and it arrived safely the following day. Any reservations that the Gavin team had about the reflecting properties were cast aside once the first of many pools were treated.

A little piece about The Irish Sky Garden:

Inspired by Oscar winning Dublin animator Richie Baneham, who created the visual effects for the movie 'Avatar'.

Also inspired by the concept of the 'Restaurant in the Sky' where people dine around a table hanging from the arm of a crane, by the colourful artistic interpretations of Cork's Midsummer Festival of the Senses and by the landscapes of Capability Brown, Charles Jencks and the cardinals of Renaissance Italy (with water to dazzle, entertain and reflect) the garden is a flying machine, hanging Eden and reflective launch pad.

On the ground it is green and full of water, with 25 pools, flowing or reflecting the craft above. Planting is in waves of grasses, photinias and bamboos with trees to lessen the impact of the crane that helps us fly.

More medal winners at the Chelsea Flower Show

The British Heart Foundation garden by Ann-Marie Powell, and others, made great use of Dyofix Pond Black's mirror-black water to enhance the overall look of their creations and took a Silver Medal.

Image of DVD cover of 'A year at Kew'

Featured in BBC's hit programme ‘A Year at Kew’

Dyofix Pond Black was featured in the BBC's hit programme "A Year at Kew" demonstrating that gardeners, whose ponds are being choked by unwelcome algae, now have a new and safer solution available after successful uses at London's Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew.

Peter Watson, production director of Town End (Leeds) plc, the producers of Dyofix Pond Black said "If you have ever had bloom algae or the dreaded blanket weed in your pond, you'll know that once it takes hold it can be a messy job to get rid of it".

"What we have developed is a simple, clean and cheap solution to the problem which isn't harmful to the plant life and which at the same time enhances the look of your pond."

News Archive

If you have news of where our algae inhibitor has been used or have a testimonial you'd like to submit please email our sales department or call us on 0113 256 4251... and thank you in advance.