Annual usage commercial pond dye calculator


The initial dose of Dyofix commercial pond dye depends on the volume of water in your pond or lake. Enter the length, the width and depth of the lake in the commercial pond dye calculator below to obtain the quantity needed to treat the volume of water.


Fresh water gets into lakes from rainfall (and run off from the surrounding area). In some cases, from streams and springs within the pond or lake. This fresh water dilutes the dye leaving insufficient colour to filter out light –  requiring the necessity of a top-up.

Annual Requirement

As a general guide we suggest a regular monthly top up of 10 to 15% of the initial dose over the Spring to Autumn period.

  • March – May – apply 10% standard monthly top-ups
  • June – August  – increase to 15%  to counter strong sunshine
  • September – November – reduce to 10% standard monthly top-ups

The amount used for topping up was calculated using rough ‘average’ rainfalls in Yorkshire and Lancashire but as the Met Office rain fall map shows there can be a huge variation.

How much Dyofix commercial pond dye will I need?