Ornamental Pond Black Dye

Dyofix Pond Black dye for designers has been used in many prestigious award-winning designs, including the Chelsea Flower Show and the Hampton Court Flower Show. Designers such as Diarmuid Gavin, Tom Holbyn, John Warland, Kate Durr, Matthew Childs and many more have used Dyofix Pond Black to great effect.

Please contact Peter Watson on 0113 256 4251 if you require any Dyofix Pond Black dye for designers to compliment your plans, or have an idea you would like to discuss.

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pond black for small garden ponds ponds

DyoFix Pond Black 50g

£12.00 £14.40 incl. Vat

50g dissolvable sachet | Treats 1,500 Litres

Dyofix Pond Black liquid

DyoFix Pond Black Liquid 300gm

£16.50 £19.80 incl. Vat

300g bottle | Treats 1,000 Litres

pond black 1kg - 1-x 100g

DyoFix Pond Black Powder 1Kg

£40.00 £48.00 incl. Vat

1kg dissolvable sachets | Treats 30,000 Litres

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