Dyes to control algae & weed in commercial lakes and fisheries

Non-toxic, safe and easy to apply

Commercial pond dyes are non-toxic, high-quality, food colours providing a cost-effective method of controlling algae and weeds without affecting the health of fish, wildlife and plants.

Dyofix commercial pond and lake dyes are supplied in two forms; powder sachets to treat large bodies of water and a liquid solution for smaller fisheries and large ponds.

Pond Blue is the first of our commercial pond dyes for use in large lakes. Pond Blue is the most popular and economical pond dye available. We later introduced Lake Shadow for a twilight effect and now trialing a special dye, Special C, to combat Crassula Helmsii and Chara.

Benefits for fisheries, lakes and large ponds

  • Controls the growth of unsightly algae and weed
  • Hides fish from predators such as herons and cats
  • Gives a rich depth quality to water
  • Creates a beautiful contrast with plants & shrubs
  • Cost effective and easy to apply

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(Prices shown below include P&P and V.A.T. at the prevailing rate, UK mainland only.)

Pond Blue Liquid Dye

Concentrate liquid blue commercial pond dyes

1 Kg liquid concentrate will treat 5.75 million litres

Only £26.00 per 1Kg

(£31.20 incl. Vat)

Pond Blue Powder Dye

The original pond blue commercial pond dye

1Kg pack of powder sachets will treat 10 million litres

Easy to apply with a long shelf life

Only £44.00 per pack

(£52.80 incl. Vat)

Orders of 4Kgs or less will have individual water soluble sachets in foil packets

Lake Shadow Powder Dye

Twilight effect commercial pond dyes from Dyfox to inhibit algae and weeds

1Kg pack of powder sachets will treat 4 million litres

Subtle twilight shadow effect

Only £36.00 per 1Kg pack

(£43.20 incl. Vat)

C Special Powder Dye

C Special pond and lake dye

1Kg pack of powder sachets will treat 4 million litres

Designed to combat Crassula and Chara

Only £36.00 per 1Kg pack

(£43.20 incl. Vat)

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