Control algae and weeds with Dyofix pond dyes

Safe for children, pets and pond life

Non-toxic pond dyes are an effective way of controlling algae and weeds without affecting the health of fish, wildlife and plants.

Pond Black dye for design features

Dyofix Pond Black is the ideal choice for the small garden pond. Creating a magical mirror; water plants look amazing against the obsidian black surface, disguising unsightly pipework and repairs.

Blue & Shadow ideal for fish ponds

SGP Blue and SGP Shadow pond dyes are best for controlling algae and weeds in a pond or lake that contain fish. The pond dyes will deter predators as the dyes hide fish towards the bottom of the pond making them almost invisible to most overhead birds.

Features and Benefits

  • Inhibits algae and weed growth
  • Improved appearance of your water
  • Gold medal winning designers use Dyofix Pond Black
  • Deters birds and cats from taking your fish
  • Easy to apply for a stunning finish
  • Creates a beautiful contrast for plants and shrubs
  • Safe for children, pets and pond life

Prices shown below include P&P and V.A.T. at the prevailing rate, UK mainland only.

Pond Black Liquid Dye

Pond Dyes: Dyofix Pond Black Liquid Dye

300g bottle liquid will treat 1000 litres

Perfect for small garden ponds

Only £16.50 per bottle

(£19.80 incl. Vat)

Pond Black Powder Dye

Pond Black powder sachets

1Kg pack of powder sachets will treat 30,000 litres

Available in two different sizes

200g £22.00 & 1Kg £40.00

(£26.40 & £48.00 incl. Vat)

SGP Blue Pond Dyes

Small Garden Pond Dye: Blue Liquid Dye

Three levels of concentration

Treats 15,000L, 50,000L or 100,000L

From £19.80

(£23.76 incl. Vat)

SGP Shadow Pond Dyes

Lake Shadow - small garden pond dye liquid and powder sachets

Liquid or powder pond dye choice

200g powder sachet treats 800,000L

Natural look hue from £19.80

(£23.76 incl. Vat)

Beneficial Bacteria to Clear Ponds and Lakes

Byofix for small garden ponds

Small Garden Pond 4X-PS liquid

300gm £15.00

(£18.00 incl. Vat)

Small Garden Pond Powder

100gm £12.00

(£14.40 incl. Vat)

Byofix 4X-PS Bacteria 300gm liquid –  For small garden ponds

Dosage: From 0.25gm per square sqaure meter depending on the levels of organic matter

Re-application: When organic matter builds up

How much Dyofix should I order