Byofix 4X-PS Bacteria 300gm

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300g bottle for Small Garden Ponds

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The Rhodococcus and Rhodobacter bacteria in ByoFix 4X-PS is supplied in liquid form. It’s primarily used in ponds with high organic loads or sludge at the bottom. The probiotic species present consumes the organic matter for proliferation and growth thereby reducing the load.

Other advantages of ByoFix 4X-PS are:

  • Works in a wide range of salinity and turbidity
  • Effectively removes sludge within 3-4 days
  • Highly concentrated
  • Does not require fermenting before usage
  • Widely used in aquaculture and breeding ponds

ByoFix 4X-PS improves the water quality by controlling pH, reducing ammonia and nitrite levels within 2-3 days whilst eliminating suspended organic matter in the pond water. If there are bubbles in the water, they will disappear also. Once the waste organic matter or sludge depletes from the pond or lake the blue green algae cannot survive due to a lack of food.

Re-application: When organic matter builds up

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