Pond Dyes To Control Algae and Weeds in Ponds and Lakes

Pond dyes to control algae

It can be very time consuming to repeatedly clear submerged weeds and algae that choke ponds, lakes and fisheries.

Applying our non-toxic pond dyes to control algae works because the coloured dye filters sunlight to disrupt the process of photosynthesis. This results in submerged weeds and algae being unable to grow, putting an end to the unsightly nuisance.

A safe non-toxic solution to algae control

Dyofix lake and pond colours are specially formulates dyes. They are manufactured using the highest quality colours.
The pond dyes are safe to use for humans , animals, fish, amphibians and insects.

Safe for children, pets, fish and pond life

Pond Dyes for Garden Ponds

Dyofix small garden ponds product range of garden dyes
A large garden pond treated with SGP Blue

Dyes for garden ponds

Dyofix SGP Blue and SGP Shadow pond dyes will serve you well in your garden and grounds. Both pond dyes work with the dual purpose of enhancing the natural beauty of your water feature while controlling the growth of unsightly algae and aquatic weeds.

Aquatic life in your pond or lake remain unharmed, leaving you to enjoy everything about your tranquil water setting.

Read more about SGP Blue, our blue pond dye and SGP Shadow, our twilight effect pond dye.

A small pond treated with Dyofix Pond Black for a dramatic affect

Black pond dye for water features

If you wish to make a dramatic statement with your water feature then Dyofix Pond Black pond dye is for you.

The obsidian black-mirror reflection adds hidden depths to any water feature, emphasising the focus on water plants and surroundings while hiding pipes and linings.

Just like Dyofix SGP pond dyes, aquatic life is unharmed when dyeing your pond water with Dyofix Pond Black.

Read more about Pond Black, our famous black pond dye.

Pond Dyes for Commercial & Municipal Use

Dyofix pond dyes for large lakes and bodies of water

Coloured pond dyes for large lakes

Pond Dye for Large Lakes and Fisheries

Pond Blue powder is the original pond dye for large lakes and fisheries and remains the most popular and economical of our pond dyes to control algae and weed growth. As with all Dyofix products, Pond Blue is completely safe for fish and other wildlife.

Lake Shadow has proved very popular with estate managers that want to treat their water with an algae prevention product without a tint of blue. Lake Shadow provides a twilight effect in the water instead of blue.

C Special is the latest addition to the Dyofix pond dye range. It was developed during trials to see if the invasive species Crassula Helmsii could be controlled using dyes.

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C Special pond dye

DyoFix C Special Powder

£36.00 £43.20 incl. Vat

1kg dissolvable sachets | Treats 4,000,000 Litres

Dyofix pond blue liquid bottles

DyoFix Pond Blue Liquid

£26.00 £31.20 incl. Vat

1Kg Treats 5,750,000 litres

1kg lake shadow

DyoFix Lake Shadow Powder

£36.00 £43.20 incl. Vat

1kg dissolvable sachets | Treats 4,000,000 Litres

pond blue 1kg 10x 100g sachets

DyoFix Pond Blue Powder

£44.00 £52.80 incl. Vat

10 Dissolvable sachets | Treats 10,000,000 Litres

  • Free of pesticides, algaecides and other harmful chemicals
  • Harmless to plants, fish, wildlife, insects and pets
  • Supplied in a variety of colours and strengths
  • Available in both liquid and powder formats
  • Used by:
    • award-winning landscape gardeners
    • commercial fishing lakes
    • golf clubs and
    • local authorities
  • Simple application method
  • Economical to use and long lasting
  • Use wherever weed and algae is a problem
  • Pond Black creates a stunning, reflective surface for ornamental ponds
  • Prevents weed and algae from blocking filters
  • Can be used all year round
  • Featured in the BBC Program ‘A Year at Kew’

eco & pet friendly

Safe for plants, fish, wildlife, insects and pets

As Featured on

RHS hampton court flower show ogo

More and more garden designers are winning awards using pond dye Dyofix Pond Black.

The pond dye was used to great effect in the Colour Box garden, designed by Charlie Bloom & Simon Webster.

DyoFix - RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2017 - 3 colour boxes
BBC Garden Rescue logo

Dyofix Pond Black pond dye was used in this Garden Rescue gardening show starring Charlie Dimmock.

Charlie Dimmock went on to comment; “The reflections look amazing with that black dye I have to say… it just puts the top edge on it”.

Black pond dye - Featured on BBC Garden Rescue