Good bacteria, non-toxic, safe and easy to apply

Having a problem with algae in your pond or lake is obvious and irritating.

How to reduce or halt the presence of algae is a problem to many; from gardeners with small ponds to full time aquatic experts looking after lakes measured in acres.

Dyofix has long supplied pond dyes; a successful solution to clearing algae.

Pond dyes reduce the amount of light (food source) entering the water  but for our customers with bad algal problems that have not applied any dyes yet, we introduce Byofix, a safe, natural, beneficial bacteria; non-toxic and fully biodegradable.

Easy to dispense Byofix is good bacteria contained within soluble sachets that improve water quality and clarity by decomposing organic pollutants.

This biological purification process maintains good dissolved oxygen levels in your pond or lake and reduces hydrogen sulphides, ammonia and other foul odours.

The benefits for ponds and lakes

  • Neutralises rotting vegetation settled at the bottom of the pond

  • Reduces BOD & COD; maintaining a good level of dissolved oxygen.

  • Improves water quality & clarity

  • 100% safe for fish and aquatic life

  • Reduces the toxicity caused by naturally occuring chemical compounds
  • Cost effective and easy to apply

  • Eco-friendly contains no chemicals.

Use good bacteria to improve water quality and clarity!

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Byofix Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds and Lakes

byofix benificial bacteria

1 Kg Treats approx 4000m2 of water surface area.

1Kg £40.00

(£48.00 incl. Vat)

Byofix is supplied in 1Kg of 200g water soluble sachets.

Initial dosage

Ponds with heavy concentrations of rotting vegetations and silt: 3 x 1Kg packs (15 x 200g water soluble sachets) per acre every 15 days until obvious signs of improvement are seen.

Maintenance dosage

2 x 1Kg (10 x 200g packs) per acre every so often to maintain the improvement (The frequency of application depends on the length of daylight and temperature.)

How good bacteria works for better water quality

Byofix, given reasonable conditions, replicates every few minutes. A typical species of bacteria can take 20 minutes to replicate, 1 cell will divide and become two new cells, 20 minutes later those two cells can divide to become 4 cells and after 60 minutes you will have 8 cells. As the time progresses, between 6 and 7 hours, the number passes the million mark, and after 12 hours there are nearly 70 billion cells.

Consider that Byofix will deliver millions of bacteria to the application at the start, the numbers are even bigger!

By replicating so quickly, the bacteria spreads and starts to break down the excessive organic matter and nutrients and the water quality begins to improve, notably the water will become clearer and any odours from gases given off will reduce.

How much Byofix should I order?