Good bacteria, non-toxic, safe and easy to apply

Those of you familiar with our DyoFix pond dyes will know that algae is not only unsightly but can be a serious problem. ByoFix is a biodegradable, non-toxic product that is both safe and beneficial to use in the aquatic environment.

Our ByoFix products introduce natural bacteria which break down the organic pollutants in ponds and lakes. They help maintain good dissolved oxygen levels; reduce toxicity and dispel foul odours; eliminate suspended organic matter; remove sludge and control disease.

Available in two types

Byofix powder

The benefits for ponds and lakes

  • Decomposes rotting vegetation and organic matter settled at the bottom of the water
  • Effectively removes sludge and prevents further build up
  • Reduces BOD & COD; maintaining a good level of dissolved oxygen.

  • Improves water quality & clarity

  • 100% safe for fish and aquatic life

  • Reduces the toxicity caused by naturally occuring chemical compounds
  • Cost effective and easy to apply

  • Reduces H2S, ammonia and other foul odours
  • Easy to use, can be applied at anytime of day

Use good bacteria to improve water quality and clarity!

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Byofix Beneficial Bacteria Powder

The Bacillus bacteria in ByoFix Benficial Bacteria are packaged and shipped in spore form. The advantages of supplying ByoFix Benficial Bacteria in spore form are:

  • Long term, stable shelf life
  • Greater tolerance to harsh environmental conditions
  • Competitive with other types of microbe
  • Work synergistically with other Bacillus, as well as other select microbes
  • Able to be formulated with many other ingredients allowing superior and unique formulas to be made

On introduction to a contaminated pond or lake the spores in ByoFix rapidly germinate into vegetative cells. After germination, the bacteria start secreting their enzymes, breaking down the algae for an energy source.

Byofix Beneficial Bacteria Powder is particularly active in neutralizing excess nitrates in water that often result in blanket weed and duckweed

Suggested Dosage

Initial dosage

3kg per acre of surface area
(1 x 200g WSS will treat approximately 250 m2)

Re-application: 2kg per acre of surface area every 2 weeks

Also for Small Ponds

1 100g sachet for areas up to 125 Square Metres

Byofix soluble sachets for small garden ponds

New for Small Ponds

Individual 100g water soluble sachets for areas up to 125 Square Metres

100g sachet  £12.00

(£14.40 incl. Vat)
byofix benificial bacteria

For large ponds & Lakes

1 Kg Treats approx 1300m2 of water surface area.

1Kg £40.00

(£48.00 incl. Vat)


The Rhodococcus and Rhodobacter bacteria in ByoFix 4X-PS is supplied in liquid form. It’s primarily used in ponds with high organic loads or sludge at the bottom. The probiotic species present consumes the organic matter for proliferation and growth thereby reducing the load.

Other advantages of ByoFix 4X-PS are:

  • Works in a wide range of salinity and turbidity
  • Effectively removes sludge within a few days
  • Highly concentrated Does not require fermenting before usage
  • Widely used in aquaculture and breeding ponds

ByoFix 4X-PS improves the water quality by controlling pH, reducing ammonia and nitrite levels within 2-3 days whilst eliminating suspended organic matter in the pond water. If there are bubbles in the water, they will disappear also. Once the waste organic matter or sludge depletes from the pond or lake the blue green algae cannot survive due to a lack of food.

Suggested Dosage

ByoFix 4X-PS (liquid) is supplied in 1kg/5kg ℮ bottles (25kg ℮ upon request).

Initial dosage: From 1Kg to 5Kgs per acre, depending on the levels of organic matter

Re-application: When organic matter builds up.

Also for small ponds:

300gm ℮ SGP: 1gm per Square Metre

Re-application: When organic matter builds up.

Byofix liquid for small garden ponds

For Small Ponds

300gm SGP treats approx. 300m2 surface area.

300gm ℮ £15.00

(£18.00 incl. Vat)
Byofix liquid for large water areas

For large ponds & Lakes

1kg per acre of surface area

1Kg £26.00

(£31.20 incl. Vat)


Keep ByoFix in a cool, dry location and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Avoid frost. The WSS’s that ByoFix Benefical Bacteria is supplied in may become brittle in cold storage conditions.

Health & Safety:

Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid inhalation and eye contact

how byofix works

An explanation about the problems that can occur in ponds and lakes

Organic matter in the form of fallen leaves, unconsumed feed, grass cuttings and faeces collects at the bottom of ponds and lakes. Over time this matter decays turning into a thick black sludge. The decomposition process exerts an oxygen demand leading to dissolved oxygen depletion. Decreased dissolved oxygen levels result in the release of unwanted by-products into the aquatic environment. By-products include ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, nitrites and nitrates which further depletes the dissolved oxygen promoting the growth of unwanted phytoplankton groups like blue green algae. Algae not only blocks pumps and filters; it discolours the water, forming green scum on the surface (the Pea Green effect), often having fatal consequences for aquatic life.

Having an algal problem is obvious, but how to reduce or halt it is the question faced by all, from gardeners with a small pond to full time aquatic experts looking after lakes measured in acres.

The solution is to let nature fight the battle

One popular method, widely used is to reduce the amount of light from entering the pond by using a DyoFix pond dye, another is by the introduction of a natural bacteria, ByoFix.

Bacteria are single-celled organisms and one of the earliest known forms of life on the planet. Although impossible to identify all bacterial species, thousands have been studied and despite the negative perception, the majority of bacteria are not harmful and are widely used in industrial, domestic and natural applications, by exploiting their natural metabolism. Bacteria, like people, carry out two types of metabolism: anabolism, requiring energy to build useful complex molecules, and catabolism, the breakdown or digestion of complex molecules. Digestion involves decomposition of organic materials ranging from natural wastes to chemical by-products. Bacteria become particularly attractive in the purification process of rivers, streams and lakes. These processes can be the solution to returning an aquatic environment back to its original conditions purifying contaminated water.

The natural bacteria contained in ByoFix typically replicate on average every 20 minutes in a logarithmic growth pattern. One cell will divide reproducing two new daughter cells. After 12 hours its calculated there will be approximately 70 billion cells. ByoFix introduces millions of bacteria at the start of the process. The numbers become colossal, the bacteria spread, start to break down the excessive organic matter and nutrients. Water quality begins to improve, notably the water becomes clearer and any odorous gases given off will diminish

Byofix eco and pet friendly-min

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